MonthFebruary 2013

New Rules for FreedomSponsors fee processing

We have changed how fees are processed within FreedomSponsors payment structure.

Now FreedomSponsors 3% fee is added on top of the sponsor payment rather than carved out of the developer’s pay.

For offers in US$ – which are processed by Paypal – Paypal fees now are also being paid by the sponsor rather then the developer.

We felt this was the right thing to do, because then the developers would get the exact amount promised.

We tried to handle this change as transparently as possible by first  discussing it with our users.

Since the code is Free on Github, anyone can review the payment processing code (please let us know if you spot any potential bugs! :-)).

If you’d like to give any feedback, we’re listening!

FreedomSponsors is now accepting Bitcoins

Many people, even including Dr. Richard Stallman, have been requesting for FreedomSponsors to support offers in Bitcoins.

Well, we are very proud to announce that now we do!

If you’re not familiar with Bitcoin, you can learn more about it at (they have an excellent ~90-second video that explains it all)

  • When you make an offer on FS, you’ll notice there’s a new option to select US$ or BTC. The minimum offer is 0.5 for BTC (and it’s still 5,00 for US$).
  • To be able to receive payments in Bitcoin, you must tell FreedomSponsors your wallet address. You can do this by editing your user profile.

If you have any questions or feedback, please drop it in the Feedback area.

I also want to give a big thanks to @zooko - he provided us with great contributions to make this feature a reality.

Tony Lâmpada


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