FreedomSponsors now has a new payment screen.

Next time you pay for an offer, you’ll see that there’s a new currency checkbox, with two options:
US dollars and Bitcoins – or Brazilian real and Bitcoins, in case you’re brazilian.

Bitcoin was already supported by FreedomSponsors, but before, you’d have to pay in the same currency of the offer you made.

Now you can make an offer in dollars, and pay with Bitcoins (and vice versa).

The new payment screen will suggest a conversion rate and perform the conversion automatically for you – but you still have the final decision to modify paid values if you want.

It’s worth noting that FreedomSponsors is simply forwarding payments using the same currency that you pay.
This means you can only pay in a currency that’s accepted by the developer on the receiving side.
It also means that it’s probably a good idea to check with the developer if they’re OK with receiving in a currency other than what was promised.

We think this is a nice improvement. Some users just don’t like to use Paypal, but placing offers in Bitcoin can be a little “risky” because Bitcoin fluctuate so much.
Now you can use Bitcoin simply as a payment method (as opposed to using it as a currency).

And remember, this is all open source. You’re welcome to browse the code, and collaborate with us if you like.

We’re strong Bitcoin believers, and we hope this change can push Bitcoin adoption a little further.

If you still don’t have a Bitcoin Wallet, it’s really easy to set up one – and it’s free.
You can either host your wallet on your computer using a Bitcoin client, or you can create a wallet online in a web wallet provider. Take a look at this link to learn more about those options: http://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet

As soon as you have a Bitcoin wallet, you can start accepting Bitcoin payments on FreedomSponsors by filling your Bitcoin receive address in your profile page.

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