Hi everyone, quick post:

In the last 3 posts ([1], [2], [3], [4]), I talked about how you can use AngularJS to build a web application.

Starting now, FreedomSponsors architecture will be moving in that direction: a mobile first, MaterialDesign-based, SPA.

My intention is for FreedomSponsors to have a really friendly development environment that more people can work on, while also serving as an example of a high quality architecture for a web app. That way, I can help other web developers, and also get more help from the community to build FS because it will be a lot easier to contribute to the project, I hope.

If you would like to contribute, please subscribe to our mailing list [5] and introduce yourself, let us know a little about your current skills and how you want to help and what you would like to learn.
Right now, the most relevant skills are: responsive web design and front-end (css) development.

We’ll be managing our work using this Waffle board [6] + Github issues [7].

Hope to hear from you :-)

Tony Lâmpada

[1] – FS front-end project setup (1/3)
[2] – FS front-end project setup (2/3)
[3] – FS front-end project setup (3/3)
[4] – fsstatic2 (the new FS front-end on Github)
[5] – Subscribe to FS contributors mailing list
[6] – Waffle board (project status: look for status >= “Ready”)
[7] – Issues on Github (all issues go here, back and front-end)