FreedomSponsors-Github integration

We have just added another new feature.

If you have a Github account connected to your FreedomSponsors profile, now you can add a “Sponsor this issue on FreedomSponsors” link on your repositories’ issues.

We wanted to give Github users a functionality similar to the one provided by the JIRA plugin.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into FreedomSponsors with your Github account
  2. Go to “Github Settings” under your profile menu (top right), select the repositories you want to integrate, and click save.
  3. @freedomsponsors-bot will watch your repo for new issues and you add the comment with the appropriate link.
  • You can only select repositories owned by you or any of your organizations
  • You can stop that behaviour anytime on your “Github settings”

If you’d like to attract bounties to your Github project, please go ahead and try it out.

Disclaimer: this feature is still “beta” (since the whole process is not very testable from a TDD point of view). We may have to make adjustments to it in the future. And we’ll let you know if we do.

Feel free to leave us your feedback or opinion.
Also, take a look at the code if you like.

Tony Lâmpada


  1. It’s a pretty cool idea, might use it for my indie game project’s repository

  2. Felipe G. Nievinski

    February 26, 2014 at 11:44 pm

    Any plans on GNU Savannah integration?

  3. Hi,

    Is the GitHub integration still working? I just registered one of my repos and created a test issue ( ) but nothing happened. No comment was added and the bot you mentioned in this blog post does not seem to be a registered github account (was it deleted?).

    I like the idea and was considering to try it out.

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