Small things

Since last post there were a few small improvements. Not one of them is a very big deal, but altogether they account to something a little… bigger.

Some of it I already tweeted about, some not. Anyway, here’s the full list:

  • 1. More stats:

Statistics page now displays a list of the top sponsored projects, each project with a link that points to that project’s issues

  • 2. Merged pages “user profile” and “user history”

The user profile page used to have a “show history” link with issues related to that user.
Now the history content shows up in the user profile page.

  • 3. Added kickstarting issues to user history

User history did not display kickstarting issues, now it does

  • 4.  Colored values and better looking home

The home page and the search issues page now display colors in offer values. Green means PAID, orange means OPEN.
Also, the home page issue table is using a nice CSS that makes it more pleasant to look at.

  • 5. Show payments

The offer page and user history now displays the values that were actually paid for paid offers.
This is important because the payment screen allows for a last-minute change in the paid value, so there may be a difference between offered value and paid value.

  • 6. Comment edit history

Comments that have been edited now appear with a red “edited” label, that when clicked will show that comment’s edit history.


There is a motivation behind these small improvements. That motivation is one of the things we value the most in FreedomSponsors: transparency, visibility, openness. We’ll always strive to serve the Free Software Comunity with this in mind.

Hope you like it :-)

– Tony Lâmpada