Yesterday we rolled out a new feature: Kickstarting issues.

Kickstarting an issue means registering it on FreedomSponsors without a money offer.
The home page will display the last 10 kicstarting issues, side by side with the sponsored ones.

People then will be able to sponsor those issues by placing real offers on it.

Why would you want to kickstart an issue?

There are a couple of scenarios when one would want to do that.

  • 1) You think the issue might be important to someone else (your boss, perhaps).

So you add it to FS by kickstarting it, and tell them about it.

  • 2) You would like to be sponsored to do it.

Maybe start a new project, or implementing something really cool on a project you like.
So you kickstart it and see if you can get a few sponsors to back you.
If you’re kickstarting issues like that, it’s probably a good idea to do it with a small, objetive, deliverable task than with a huge project.
That’s because of post-paid-no-strings-attached nature of FS offers. Do you have a big project? Kickstart it with small tasks!

Also, whatever the reason you’re kickstarting an issue, do leave a comment explaining why do you think that issue is important.

Feel free to look at the code.

As always, if you’d like to help, or have any feedback, you’re welcome to!