Last week we rolled out a new feature that people has been asking for for a while: Project pages.
Now, Projects on FreedomSponsors have a page (example above) displaying:

  • Logo, description, and a link to its official home page
  • Some project-wide statistics
  • Top sponsors and developers
  • Project’s issues
  • An activity feed on that project


Users can add tags to projects. Tags are fetched using the StackOverflow API, so you can only choose among tags that are valid on StackOverflow (which should be enough for FS). In the future, issues will be searchable by those tags as well.


Users can also toggle a watch on a project to be notified about its activities. When you’re watching a project you get email notifications when:

  • Someone edits those project details or tags
  • Someone sponsors an issue on that project
  • An offer is changed or revoked or paid
  • A new issue is proposed
  • A developer starts working or abort work or resolve on an issue.

To get notified about issue comments as well, you need to watch issues inidividually.
If you are watching both an issue and a related project, you only get notified once for updates on that issue.
Also you never get email updates for actions you do yourself.

We hope this update will help overall experience on FreedomSponsors

A big thanks to our sponsors!

This new feature was actually sponsored on FreedomSponsors, and it just happened to be the issue with the biggest offer so far.

The sponsors:

BTC 2.00 + USD 60.00 is roughly equivalent to US$ 2000.00 (using today’s Bitcoin rate) – which was split evenly between developers TonyLampada and Rafael Augusto dos Santos.

Than you guys, you’re awesome!
We’ll keep making FreedomSponsors better and better.