Before today, sponsors could only pay for finished issues.
Now you can pay for issues that are “IN_PROGRESS”, *if* the developer is accepting payments for it.

IMPORTANT: We encourage you to pay for unfinished issues only if you trust the developer’s good faith to meet the issue’s requirements. There’s a little more about this in the FAQ.

Now, the whole story:

Three weeks ago, Gimp developer Nicolas Robidoux kickstarted an issue: Add other samplers that properly reduce (downsample) and warp images - it’s about improving some image transformations on GEGL – a library used by Gimp.

Since then, something incredible is happenning: people from all around are supporting Nicolas with bounties varying from US$ 5.00 to US$ 400.00. The grand total (as os this writing) is US$ 1780.00. The FreedomSponsors model is really starting to “catch”. This is great! :-)

Nicolas has split this medium-to-big task in 8 steps, each one with a price.

According to FS’s previous rules, an issue could only be paid after it was finished.
But in this case, it makes sense for some sponsors to pay as soon as possible, or after the completion of an intermediate step.

So, FreedomSponsors is adapting accordingly. Now, when a developer starts working on an issue, he/she can check a flag to start accepting payments. Then the payment option will be available for that issue’s sponsors.

This particular issue is so different from the others, that it is making us discover that more adaptations will be needed to support this kind of “workflow”.

Some of these changes are already being discussed on Github (see issues #97 and #81), and now there’s also a mailing list available to keep the discussion going (and of course, anyone is welcome to join).

With your help, FreedomSponsors will keep, evolving, adapting, and getting better. :-)

– Tony Lâmpada