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I’m going to start this blog post exactly as the previous one:

A few days ago I saw this link on Hacker News:
Why to use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus share links and not buttons

Here’s the important part:

But I am not going to discuss if you should or should not insert sharing buttons in your blog, what I am going to show you here is how to do it with out exposing your visitors to the big groups of the Internet, yes, Facebook, Twitter, Google, those who are now tracking you and sharing the info with governments.

I think is each one responsibility to protect your visitors, and try not to expose them to tracking, and keep their info as save and private as possible. Now, when you use Facebook or Twitter buttons, or the G+ button, you are loading scripts from their sites, and thus giving them the possibility to track your visitors.

Yesterday, we replaced Google Analytics with Piwik.
And now we just replaced Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ buttons with plain links.

What this means is that your activities on FreedomSponsors cannot be tracked by those companies anymore.

We should have done this sooner. Sorry about that.
We’ll be more careful with those matters in the future.

Tony Lâmpada

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  1. Thanks for the link to my article.

    I’m glad it moved you to implement a more free site.

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